Honestly, this transformation is one of my favorites! The homeowners are just the sweetest family and I think their home really fits them now.

When a potential client reaches out to us, they often have a list of several features that they want included in their space. We spend time with them going over all of their wants, needs, what they love about the current space and what they hate about it. Then I get to work to fit it all in and pray that I don’t have to crush any dreams. ;-) Although, that does occasionally have to happen so we end up with a functioning design. But we really do love our clients and we want to give them everything possible! Let start off with a few before photos.

The Goal

Create a larger opening into the room from the entryway, larger pantry, large island, family room w/ built-ins, must keep the hutch and the dining table. Generally needing more storage and better flow in the kitchen. Pretty. Oh and we had to keep the floors!

None of those are really asking for too much right? Well, we had a fireplace that we couldn’t move in the middle of the room plus a window and door in the kitchen that we also couldn’t move. I drew it 5 different ways trying to fit an eat in island and large dining table. But, it just wasn’t enough space to get it done. Cue the island banquette! This was the perfect solution for this space. We were able to keep the clients table and fit plenty of chairs for everyone. These guys love to use the fireplace and it was definitely a win to create this cozy little spot right next to it. By combining the eat in island and dining area, we were able to fit everything else in. =) We left the fireplace almost exactly as it was, just a fresh coat of paint and I couldn’t be happier. It just fits so perfectly.

This room was plenty big enough to create a generous kitchen. But it was all smooshed into one corner (again, to allow for a dining area and an island and a family room). I think one of the huge differences in the new kitchen was creating a central focal point with the range hood. The space really lacked any order or symmetry before and when you create those things you can actually make a room feel larger, in my opinion. We also just un-coupled the sink from the window and that made all the difference for us to pull the kitchen out of the corner and across the whole back wall.

The opening into the entryway was moved to the center and is now much larger. The glass doors keep it feeling airy and open but allows for some separation if closed. The pocket doors are actually coordinated which means you only have to operate one and the other automatically follows. Such a cool feature! Of course, we mixed our metals and textures to give our clients the style and feel they wanted while keeping it in harmony with the home. We did keep the existing floors and refinish them with a little patching where needed. They turned out gorgeous and like they’ve been there forever. I hope you enjoy the photo tour!